Style Your Hampden, PA, Backyard with Masonry Pillars and Walls

A home is valuable for many reasons—for the security, comfort, and sense of belonging it brings to homeowners. But sometimes something is missing that prevents a Hampden, PA, home from reaching its full potential. One remedy is to consider masonry pillars and walls that would bring more style and functionality to your backyard.

Masonry Retaining Wall

There may be no structure for your yard that is more durable and low maintenance than a masonry retaining wall. It can provide protection from water and dirt run-off even during the worst weather. And it can offer much-needed connections between one section of a landscape to another. A masonry wall surrounding one side of a pool area, for example, could be constructed to set off the leisurely side of the landscape from an elevated outdoor dining area.


Masonry walls can also bring privacy to certain parts of your landscape. Because of the thickness of the concrete blocks that form the retaining wall, it can bring insulation from noises outside of your yard such as traffic and voices from neighboring yards.

Style Your Hampden, PA, Backyard with Masonry Pillars and Walls

With the diverse masonry stone choices available, as well as laying patterns and color combinations, a masonry wall can also be aesthetically pleasing. Think about adding a border of contrasting stones to draw attention to the rustic look of the wall. Or keep it clean and uniform with modern rectangular stones in the same color family.

Decorative Masonry Wall

A decorative masonry wall serves a different purpose than a purely functional retaining wall. A decorative wall is often of a low height and serves to create a visual divider for your backyard. Frequently attached to a pillar or constructed between pillars, a decorative wall can be a backdrop for highlighting landscape plantings or illuminated with spotlights to achieve nighttime drama.

Masonry Pillars

Masonry pillars can form a gateway into your backyard from the driveway or front yard. They can distinguish one part of the yard from another, like the entry to a patio area. Instead of requesting posts that anchor a fence bordering your yard, you might choose to have masonry pillars form the posts for the wooden fence slats. This would be an elegant take on a fence.

Masonry pillars topped with an architectural lantern can bring light to a sidewalk or pathway for visitors as they arrive after dark. Or top a pillar with a decorative concrete finial. Pillars also offer the perfect height for climbing vines that will bring flowering color to your Hampden, PA, landscape.


Pillars, like retaining walls and decorative stone walls, can be fashioned from brick, natural stones, landscape stones, or slate. They can have a stacked stone appearance, or be crafted from river stones. Masonry pillars can even have built-in planters attached to become home to unique shrubs and flowers.

Masonry pillars and walls can bring a strong visual foundation to your Hampden, PA, backyard, allowing you to add landscape plantings, lighting, and interest to your home. The design possibilities will seem endless, as there are many choices for stones and bricks, laying patterns, and decorative borders for accents. The experts at Hummel’s Landscape Inc. can help you go over the many options.