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Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Vegetable Garden in South Middleton, PA

There was a time when nearly every vegetable garden looked the same—long rows of plants in a large rectangular plot. Today’s landscaping experts have perfected creativity, and versatility is seen in vegetable gardens across neighborhoods. They are added to a landscape bed beside a house, folded within a flower garden, or presented in round raised beds. At the same time, homeowners are increasingly interested in growing their own vegetables. So, here are some landscaping ideas for creating a unique vegetable garden just right for your South Middleton, PA, yard.

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Top 4 Japanese Garden Tips from a Landscape Designer in Upper Allen, PA

Do you dream of a tranquil and relaxing retreat in your Upper Allen, PA, backyard? A Japanese garden may be the ideal solution. A well-designed, Asian-influenced landscape offers minimalistic beauty with a focus on quiet contemplation. A landscape designer can create the ultimate Japanese garden that successfully blends the soothing sounds of moving water with meandering pathways and well-kept greenery.

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Four Tips for Outdoor Vertical Gardens to Enhance Your Derry, PA, Landscaping

Maximize your backyard capacity with vertical gardens, a simple but glorious addition to your Derry, PA home and landscaping. Before slowly gaining in popularity, outdoor vertical gardens required tall walls, expensive plants and high-end irrigation upkeep. Today, your vertical garden can be planted anywhere in your landscape, turning entrance walls, gates and pergolas into areas that will add a fresh look to your home.

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