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Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Vegetable Garden in South Middleton, PA

There was a time when nearly every vegetable garden looked the same—long rows of plants in a large rectangular plot. Today’s landscaping experts have perfected creativity, and versatility is seen in vegetable gardens across neighborhoods. They are added to a landscape bed beside a house, folded within a flower garden, or presented in round raised beds. At the same time, homeowners are increasingly interested in growing their own vegetables. So, here are some landscaping ideas for creating a unique vegetable garden just right for your South Middleton, PA, yard.

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Plant an Edible Herb Garden for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Hampden, PA

In Hampden, PA, the only thing better than adding fresh herbs to the incredible cuisine you’re creating in your outdoor kitchen, is adding fresh herbs that you just picked from your nearby herb garden. Fresh herbs not only make food taste incredible, but a fresh herb garden smells incredible 24/7. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning for your very own herb garden.

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