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3 Water Efficient Landscaping Ideas for Your Fairview, PA, Home

Although water is one of the most precious natural resources that keeps us all alive, many times we take it for granted. And while it is true that stunning gardens and beautiful lawns can be created only through watering, the fact is excessive watering, fertilization, and pesticide application can ruin a Fairview, PA landscape. Your landscape needs just the right amount of watering. Here are some water-efficient landscaping ideas to inspire you to make the switch toward a more sustainable landscape.

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Boost Your Silver Spring, PA, Yard with These 4 Winter Landscape Design Tips

A plain, lifeless landscape can make the long winter months feel even longer. But a little planning can turn your Silver Springs, PA, yard into a winter wonderland. Adding color, texture, and vertical elements can create interest in your yard when plant life is lacking. Try some of these landscape design ideas to help make your landscape stand out during the winter months.

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5 Ideas for Pet-Friendly Landscaping in Derry, PA

Any pet with high exercise needs—a dog in particular—requires room to roam without encountering hazards or becoming a hazard to your valuable landscaping investments. Spending time outdoors serves as much-needed mental stimulation and can combat depression in dogs. Take the time to ensure that your Derry, PA, landscape is accommodating to your best friend. Fortunately, many of the amenities that pets love can be enjoyed by people too! Here are a few ideas to guide your pet-friendly landscaping endeavors:

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