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Matching a Pergola with Your South Middleton, PA, Patio Design

A well-designed pergola is a perfect upgrade for your South Middleton, PA, patio. A pergola will provide much-needed shade on hot summer days and can also help define an outdoor space.  When adding a pergola after your patio is complete, it’s important that the design complements your existing landscaping. Try some of these design ideas to match your pergola to your patio.

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Modernize your Dauphin County Pergola with these Tips

A pergola is an excellent addition to any patio or poolside, as it provides a low-maintenance source of shade and can add height to the landscape. However, a standard wooden pergola can have a traditional appearance that may not complement the rest of your contemporary Dauphin County, PA, hardscape. Here are a few ways to transform an ordinary pergola into a chic focal point.

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