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3 Water Efficient Landscaping Ideas for Your Fairview, PA, Home

Although water is one of the most precious natural resources that keeps us all alive, many times we take it for granted. And while it is true that stunning gardens and beautiful lawns can be created only through watering, the fact is excessive watering, fertilization, and pesticide application can ruin a Fairview, PA landscape. Your landscape needs just the right amount of watering. Here are some water-efficient landscaping ideas to inspire you to make the switch toward a more sustainable landscape.

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Landscaping Solutions to Trouble Prone Areas in PA Backyards

If your property in Lower Paxton, PA, comes with some topographical challenges, you don’t have to let that discourage you from achieving an attractive landscape layout. With a good design plan created by an expert, you can find a solution to any sloping lot, wind prone area, or shady space, and even use it to add a creative touch to the yard in general.

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8 Colorful Plantings for Your Summertime PA Landscape Design

A summertime landscape is incomplete without plenty of color. Planting an array of different varieties of plants will ensure that you have a wide palette within your yard throughout the summer months. With the assistance of a landscape professional, consider every option and ensure that your creation incorporates depth of height, texture, and color with a balanced perspective.

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