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Enhance Your Silver Spring, PA, Landscaping with Natural Stone

There are various reasons to renovate and accessorize a landscape in Silver Spring, PA—be it an effort to increase the value of the home, enhance the beauty of the property for personal admiration, or enjoy outdoor living even more. Here are just a few places in which this versatile, yet stunning, material can be incorporated.

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How a Landscape Designer Can Add Curb Appeal with Stunning Entry Walkways and Edging Plants

Adding curb appeal to your South Londonderry, PA, property could involve replicating the welcoming and homey atmosphere of your interior to your front landscape. Stunning entry walkways combined with edging plants are one way to accomplish an inviting effect. A landscape designer could provide you with ideas on how these additions could make a big difference to what people see when they first lay eyes on your property.  

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Highlighting Important Features in Your Silver Spring, PA, Backyard with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting creates atmosphere and drama in a night-time landscape. It’s also one of the best ways to increase safety and security in your yard. If your Silver Spring, PA, backyard is perfect during the day, but lacking usability at night, it’s time to add landscape lighting. Hummel’s Landscape Inc.’s experienced landscape professionals can transform your backyard into a striking and functional outdoor space after the sun goes down. 

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