The Most Important Landscape Design Trends for 2019

What’s hot in landscape design? The answer evolves every year, and chances are what you loved about your yard five years ago no longer holds as much appeal for you today. If you are thinking some change is in order, here are five landscape design trends for 2019 to consider for your Hershey, PA, yard.

Taking the Inside to the Outside

We’re seeing more interest in homeowners looking to expand their living space to the outdoors, particularly when it comes to functional outdoor rooms. Designated areas for cooking, relaxing, and entertainment are among those spaces that take high priority on the homeowner wish list. An outdoor kitchen stocked with all of the conveniences of an indoor kitchen becomes a highly useable space. Able to handle large family gatherings or an intimate dinner with friends, an expansive outdoor kitchen can become an inviting spot for the cooks of the house to show off their skills.

Outdoor rooms of today also offer a multisensory experience. Internet connectivity and covered rooms provide for entertaining and relaxing with your favorite shows and movies even when the weather is not ideal. The convenience of charging stations can keep everyone outside longer.

Lighting the Landscape, Smartly

Take the thinking out of lighting. Set up timers or use a mobile app to adjust the lights and keep the fun going. Smart lights can provide flexibility when it comes to the dimness and brightness of your lighting while also helping you to conserve energy.

As for the lights themselves, a mix of options may be best. Strategically placed bright white lights will provide clear views for guests while they mingle on your property, and soft white lights can help you create a cozier atmosphere.


Adding Ambiance Through Fire

The firepit has come a long way from resembling a basic campfire. You can still have a firepit that burns wood for that nostalgic feel of relaxing by the a fire, but you can also have a gas burning firepit with no lingering smells. Technology makes it possible to turn your natural gas firepit on and off with a touch of your phone—the ultimate convenience.

The Most Important Landscape Design Trends for 2019 in Hershey, PA

Focusing on Water Conservation

Environmental sustainability is a top issue for many homeowners, and landscapers are responding with more eco-friendly irrigation options. It also helps to opt for native plants as they can minimize the use of having to use more water than absolutely necessary.

Requesting an Adult Retreat

Here’s a particularly newer trend that’s catching on. An adult tree house could become one of your favorite spots as a place to get away that features your own mix of furnishings, pillows, and lighting. A treetop retreat might seem extravagant, but it would definitely be a spectacular spot to disappear and chill. Add in a swing and you can feel like a kid again!


Sometimes it’s time for a change, and landscape companies know what the latest trends are to get your ideas flowing. Whether you’re looking to get the family together around a fire or to encourage more home cooking by installing a new outdoor kitchen, a professional landscape company can help you design and build exactly what you want.