Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Designer in PA

Choosing the right landscape designer in Derry, PA, for your landscape design process requires careful attention. After all, it is the design stage of the landscaping process that affects every proceeding step. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your landscape or simple yard care, it is critical you choose the right landscape designer.

Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Designer in Derry, PA

A beautifully designed landscape can completely transforms the look of a home. Quality landscaping improves outdoor living area and increases the value of a home too. And of course, the spiritual and psychological benefits of a beautiful landscape are endless. To ensure you are getting the beauty that you seek for your outdoors, look to the services of a professional landscape designer.

Finding the right landscape designer can be a challenge, so, how do you choose the best landscape designer for your home?

First Decide What You Want For Yourself

Before embarking on the process of gathering information and making enquiries of potential landscape designers, it’s wise to get a clear idea of what you’d like from your landscape. Ask yourself what you will be using your landscape for. Will you be cooking outside? Swimming? Or do you simply wish to enjoy the serenity of a natural environment? Consider collecting one or two photos from magazines or neighborhood photos that you can use to show your potential landscape designer the features, style and feel you prefer.


An Established Reputation

Building a solid reputation takes both time and experience. Landscape designers that can showcase a broad array of past accomplishments are more likely to deliver the best service. The best landscape designer will not hesitate to provide references and will take pride in pointing out the diversity of his or her successfully completed projects.


Industry Affiliations and Memberships

A landscape designer affiliated with national trade organizations demonstrates that he or she is keeping abreast of innovations and advancements in the industry, and also demonstrates expertise in landscaping.


A landscape design project is a big investment so you need to have complete trust in your landscape designer that he or she is up to your standards and will deliver the design and construction according to your specifications and the wealth of knowledge he or she has collected over years in the industry.

Green Practices

Naturally you are concerned about the environment, so you’ll want to consider whether your landscape designer follows green landscaping practices and provides natural yard care. Look into the following green landscaping methods.

  • Soil preparation: that the designer uses compost and other natural soil amendments to create a strong soil environment.
  • Water conservation: that the designer knows how to install and maintain efficient water supply systems with weather based controllers.
  • Avoids chemicals: chemicals should be used only as a last resort and they should not be harmful in any way to the environment at large.

Personality Traits

A landscape designer can have all the skills in the world, but if he or she can’t communicate and understand your needs, you’ll be in for a long and frustrating venture. Look for the following key personality traits in your potential landscape designer:

  • Patience and understanding of your needs
  • Good communications skills
  • Creativity
  • Readiness and willingness to work with you and your ideas