Tips for Customizing your Pergola Design in Dauphin County

A pergola is a multi-functional hardscape feature with plenty of aesthetic potential. These structures are commonly used to outline specific outdoor rooms, separating the dining area or fireside, for example, from the rest of the patio. Pergolas can also be constructed to provide varying levels of overhead covering, depending on whether or not you require them to protect your Dauphin County, PA, outdoor rooms from harsh weather conditions.

In addition to their superb functionality, pergolas are timeless structures that simply refuse to go out of style. As trends evolve, their designs are simply altered in order for them to remain fashionable. Their designs can also be customized to suit your specific home and hardscape, echoing the architectural style of your home and the materials used throughout your outdoor area.


Here are a few ways in which you can personalize your pergola further and transform it into a hallmark of your hardscape.

Wrapping your pillars and beams

A generic wooden pergola can be transformed into a unique embodiment of your personality by adorning it with decorative materials of your choice. Its pillars and beams can be wrapped in strings of fairy lights, for example, for a festive look that remains relevant all year round. These lights can also enhance the ambience of your al fresco dining experiences.

You may rather choose to allow creeping plants to make their way up the pillars of your pergola. Adorning a pergola in flowering vines often has a wonderfully rustic impact that can be enhanced by opting for wrought iron elements in your furniture and by hanging classic lanterns overhead.

Merging the pillars with the patio floor

The slim wooden legs of a pergola often fit into stout pillars made from concrete or stone. These short pillars can be constructed using a similar style as the pavers that adorn your patio or floor - or veneered with the same natural stone. This will ensure that your pergola appears anchored and purposefully placed within your hardscape. These pillars can be extended around the perimeter of the pergola to form built-in seat walls that can be adorned with comfortable cushions and serve as casual seating space, or a surface upon which to place snacks.


Incorporating technology

Tips for Customizing your Pergola Design in Dauphin County, PA

Classic pergolas are designed with louvered ceilings that allow sunlight to filter through. Some modern pergolas, however, are built with solid ceilings that make the space feel more private - like an indoor room. To add extra comfort to the outdoor room during hot summers, many designers include a ceiling fan overhead. These pergolas are usually paired with a range of sophisticated materials, like luxurious upholstery, that bring more elements of the indoors out. A television can be installed above the mantle of your fireplace for a luxurious touch.


Making your pergola more secluded

Every element of your pergola can be customized, including the level of privacy it can facilitate. Certain sides of a pergola can be walled by sophisticated wooden panels, for example. Fabric can also be a useful accessory to the design of your pergola, as it can be draped around the edges and shield those inside from harsh sunlight. When they aren’t needed, these flexible barriers can be pulled back and secured to the pillars of the pergola. Incorporating fabric into your pergola design can create a stunning bohemian look and feel, especially when executed near the poolside.