Tips for Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space All Year Round in South Middleton PA

With the advancements in landscape design over the last several years, homeowners can now truly treat their outdoor spaces as an extension of their home. With some simple tweaks, you can also transform your South Middleton, PA, outdoor area into an inviting place for relaxation and entertaining all-year round. Here are some tips to get you started:

Flexible Patio Design

The first step to enjoying your outdoor living space year round is to winter-proof your patio. Have your patio floor laid with weather resistant patio pavers and add an attractive outdoor kitchen with temperature-hardy wall units. The strength and quality of your patio design will determine the quality of your outdoor experiences. Adding comfortable seating that can be used all year round is also a must. You can add pops of color and warm the floors with outdoor rugs, or store blankets near the seating area to keep your guests warm on chilly evenings.

Add Warmth with a Fire Feature

Tips for Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space All Year Round in South Middleton PA

The two main things that guarantee amazing, year-round outdoor experiences are heating and a reliable roof covering. Fireplaces and fire pits are a stunning way to add a heating source to your outdoor living area. Fire features add classic elegance and make the space cozy and warm while producing the most relaxing sounds. Safety is crucial when building fire features under a semi-covered area, so make sure the company you hire for your project offers the necessary experience and knowledge.

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A Convenient, Retractable Roof

Having overhead shelter will provide optimal shade and keep you dry on rainy days. For smaller patio spaces, a well-designed pergola or a gazebo will do the trick. These features provide enough shade, and depending on their type, can be built to protect you from rain. Add some curtains for decor and you’ll have a private getaway.

Outdoor Cooking and Dining

Bring cooking and dining to your backyard. Not only does food taste better when grilled, but the advantages of alfresco dining will take your outdoor entertaining to another level. There are a wide variety of outdoor kitchen designs available that make use of materials that will withstand freeze-thaw cycles and can be used throughout the seasons. Cooking appliances made from stainless steel, in combination with grill islands that add structure and stunning visual appeal, will upscale your backyard.  

Hot Tub for Year-Round Enjoyment

Add an extra dimension to your outdoor experiences with a hot tub and enjoy a nice soak. If you want to relax on summer evenings, or have a warm dip in cooler weather, a hot tub is an ideal feature.

Colorful Softscape

Your landscape won’t look or feel complete without a good planting plan. You can always grow seasonal flowers, herbs, and shrubs in containers or beds around your deck or patio. Flowering annuals will add color and make your outdoor living space even more attractive.

Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Safety and security are the two primary reasons to install outdoor lighting. From LED lights integrated into the patio roof, to creatively designed outdoor lanterns, proper lighting will always make your space bright and cozy. Illuminate your driveway, walkways, and steps to improve your outdoor experience drastically. Eco-friendly lighting is a popular trend among homeowners looking to create a more sustainable home and landscape.

Image courtesy of Unilock.