Transform Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will truly transform your Cumberland County landscaping, adding atmosphere to your backyard and boosting evening curb appeal for your home. Landscape lighting allows you to creatively illuminate all types of outdoor spaces and improve enjoyment of your favorite backyard areas throughout the evening hours. Furthermore, landscape lighting is a way to improve your home’s security as well as safety in terms of navigating walkways, stairs and hardscape surface at night. Here are some key points to ensure that you get the most out of both your lighting plan and your landscape.

Illuminated décor

Besides highlighting the architecture of your home, landscape lighting can create stunning focal points. For example, spot-lighting or “moonlighting” that highlights the trees in your landscape adds to an attractive night time aesthetic. Bright, durable, and energy-efficient LED systems should be used. You can choose from a wide selection of colors to best represent your taste. Warm colors better showcase the house and its landscape, while providing a comforting atmosphere. However, cooler colors have their place as well, providing an energetic mood for swimming pool areas or modern outdoor bars.


Combine ambient, task and accent lighting for visual interest and variety

When considering the type of lighting to use, you have the option of ambient lighting (that which provides a gentle glow for mood), task lighting (used for lighting a particular surface to aid function i.e. counter top lighting in an outdoor kitchen), or accent lighting (lighting used to highlight an architectural element or object). Typically, spotlights are used in accent lighting. A fuller feel is achieved using lighting that employs layers of the above lighting techniques.

Mood lighting

Lighting designers typically employ four lighting techniques to achieve the right effect on the state of mind. Moonlighting produces a natural effect, replicating the light cast by a full moon. Lights can be mounted on trees or posts, and typically shine down through the foliage of a tree to create interesting shadow effects on the surface below.

Transform Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting in Cumberland County PA

Uplighting utilizes lights that are focused upward, highlighting an accent and creating a dramatic effect. Downlighting illuminates large areas or defines a pathway. Downlighting can be safety, functional or accent oriented. Wash lighting consists of large fixtures projecting light on sweeping sections of your yard, and is ideal for homes with pools, driveways, or decks that need full illumination at night

These techniques can be employed in combination with one another to achieve the exact mood you’re looking to incorporate into your evening landscape, be it an energetic modern air, a touch of the magical, or a warm and comfortable ambience for intimate gatherings.

Using technology to enhance the effectiveness of your lighting

Coupling computer technology with outdoor lighting provides an even greater peace of mind, with safety features including programmable lighting schemes for when a family is on vacation, an all-on button for lighting the entire landscape in case of an emergency, or activating your lighting zone by zone from your phone or tablet. Setting timers to automatically turn your lighting on and off is another huge convenience offered by computerized lighting systems.