Tweaking your Old Landscape Design in Lower Paxton for the Coming Year

Small updates can make a big impact. You don’t have to invest in a complete redesign to get impressive results when improving your landscape. By updating just a few areas, you can make your yard look like new. To upgrade your old Paxton, PA, landscape design, try some of these tweaks to improve already existing features.

Add a Pergola to your Patio

Tweaking your Old Landscape Design in Lower Paxton, PA, for the Coming Year

When properly designed and positioned, a pergola will provide shade in your yard during peak usage times. A pergola can also help define an outdoor room. Whether attached to your home or positioned in your yard as a freestanding structure, a pergola will add form to your landscape. Add a pergola to your outdoor kitchen or dining room to provide shade for cooking and eating. A pergola over the hot tub will make it a more enjoyable destination during the day.


Add a Waterfall to your Pond or Pool

A water feature is a great addition to any landscape. If you already have a pond or pool, why not make it even better by adding a waterfall? A waterfall adds beauty and interest and creates movement in a still yard, while the soothing sound of running water helps mask out unwanted city noises. A waterfall also provides valuable aeration for your pond.

When adding a pool waterfall, the design possibilities are almost endless. A natural rock waterfall built alongside a pool will complement almost any landscape. If you prefer a more modern look, concrete products offer an affordable and flexible option. Your landscape design professional will work with the scale of your existing water feature to ensure the waterfall does not overpower its surroundings.


Add a Fire Pit to your Yard

Is your backyard lacking a focal point? Turn a plain backyard into a favorite gathering spot by adding a fire pit. A fire pit makes a great focal point and will extend your outdoor season considerably. A fire pit takes up less space than a fireplace and offers 360° seating, which provides warmth for more people. Fire pit designs can vary widely from natural stone to concrete wall units, and even metal basins. Whether you have a modern backyard or a rustic landscape, it’s possible to incorporate a fire pit seamlessly into your existing design. To maximize space in a small yard, add a top to convert your fire pit into an outdoor table when not in use.


Upgrade with Pavers

A patio provides a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. To give your plain patio a striking new look, update the design with attractive flagstone or concrete pavers. Flagstones will give your yard a natural feel. Pavers are extremely durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and offer a lot of design flexibility.

Add Outdoor Lighting

There’s no reason you should have to go indoors just because the sun has set. To make the most of your backyard after hours, add landscape lighting. A well thought out lighting plan will create beautiful ambient light for nighttime enjoyment of your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting should also include task lighting where necessary - adding lights around your outdoor kitchen or fireplace will make working in these areas easier. Safety should also be taken into consideration. Add low-level path lighting to ensure walkways are well lit.