Updating Your Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen with Masonry in South Londonderry, PA

If your current outdoor fireplace and kitchen in South Londonderry, PA, could use some updating, look to the world of masonry for a host of options. With current, innovative products and the masonry skills of expert-level professionals, your favorite outdoor living spaces could reach another level in terms of design, construction, and functionality.

Incorporate Wood Storage and Cabinet Space

Expanding your storage area would be a key upgrade that you’ll thank yourself for later. When your outdoor plans often include entertaining and food preparation, your outdoor kitchen and nearby fireplace must be fully functional and organized. Instead of having to make multiple trips back and forth between the indoor kitchen or wood stack, plan to incorporate better storage options with any changes you make. Cabinets, bench storage, or open, designated areas for the supplies you need can combine to greatly improve the functional use of your outdoor living areas. You’ll spend less time finding things and much more time enjoying the warmth of your newly upgraded outdoor fireplace, after dinner has been served and enjoyed.

Invoke a Sense of Permanence

The upgrade possible with an outdoor fireplace and kitchen as opposed to a portable fireplace or grill unit is the sense of permanence that they bring to the space. It speaks to the level of commitment you feel toward your home’s exterior space as well as your style of living.


Expertly applied mason skills can result in a customized, elegantly crafted and admirable hardscape feature that incorporates your individualized sense of style with the materials and design choices you’ve made. Color, size, shape, and layout are all on the menu when you have a professionally installed construction for your outdoor space. The choices are all yours to make—and to enjoy once the updates are put into place.

Tie Together All Outdoor Features

Updating Your Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen with Masonry in South Londonderry, PA

While you can enhance the functionality and longevity of your outdoor space with masonry constructions, you can also update the aesthetics of your yard. By including a common accent band or other marking from one feature to the next, you can subtly designate your outdoor kitchen, fireplace, grill island, or seating wall as counterparts that share commonality and become one unit rather than disparate pieces thrown into proximity. Whether you choose a common color, material, shape of design, or other design element, make it count with sufficient repetition and stand-out characteristics.

Transform the Outdoor Space to Complement the Home

Ultimately, the right design for your outdoor kitchen and fireplace enhances the exterior of your home. By choosing complementary materials, colors, and layouts, you can accentuate the most desirable features of your home. For instance, length, right angles, sharp contrasts, and smooth textures emphasize modern architectural design while texture, subtle shade differences, and realistic stone features could promote a more traditional appearance.


When you want to improve the functionality, value, and aesthetic of your outdoor living space while also enhancing the look of your home itself, the decision to go with a skilled mason for construction of your updated outdoor kitchen and fireplace becomes crystal clear. What will become your the used features of your landscape will be beautiful masterpieces that you and your guests can admire for many years to come.

Image courtesy of Unilock.