Why You Should Prioritize Sustainability in Your Mechanicsburg, PA, Landscape Design

Sustainable landscaping focuses on conservation and environmentally responsible choices. Landscaping of this type can include installing natively grown plantings, making and using compost, applying organic mulch to plant beds, and making other decisions that improve the appearance of the landscape while minimizing your carbon footprint. You’re likely to prioritize sustainability within your Mechanicsburg, PA, landscape design because it’s good for the environment and your household economics, and can help you develop a beautiful landscape.

Long-Lasting Efforts

Why You Should Prioritize Sustainability in Your Mechanicsburg, PA, Landscape Design

Choices made around sustainability can have positive effects on your landscape over time. Composting is good for your soil—and helps you reduce the amount of food waste your household collects. You could choose the kind of plants that do not require as much water as others once they are established, and you could opt for the kind of quality hardscape materials, like permeable pavers, that have been made with the environment’s needs in mind, and will last for many years. Eco-friendly materials aid the natural water cycle and keep pollutants out of waterways.


Lower Maintenance Demands

Sustainable landscape choices tend to require less maintenance than more traditional, highly manicured lawns. The softscapes chosen are intentionally hardy and less likely to need heavy watering or fertilization as time passes. Hardscape features that will receive a lot of use—such as a modern patio—can be installed to minimize the amount of lawn and upkeep required to keep the landscape looking its best. For the most part, today’s paver patios are “build it and forget it” as their maintenance requirements are so minimal.

Fewer Chemicals Used

By hiring a landscape contractor that uses green practices and natural yard care, you automatically limit your lawn’s reliance on chemicals. You’ll save money, have a healthier and safer landscape, and do your part to protect the health of the water supply. A sustainable landscape will truly be beautiful and healthy without chemicals.

Higher Planting Success

For softscapes that continue to thrive week after week, year after year, you will want to choose native plants that belong in the area. Avoid invasive plantings that require more water and nutrients than the plants found naturally in the region. They could upset the soil’s balance of nutrients, requiring more care than they should.


Lower Utility Costs

Sustainable landscapes puts into consideration more than just how much care the maintenance will require. Shade trees are known to greatly lower the temperature within a yard, and this relief from heat could have an effect on your utility bills if it gets you to spend more time outside. Trees also provide a screen from the bitter winds of winter, which has proven to lower heating costs for some homes.

A Positive Mark on the Citizenship Checklist

The bragging rights that having a sustainable landscape provides are powerful motivators. Doing one’s part to head off climate change and live in an environmentally friendly manner are both high on the citizenship list. When you can do the right thing, save money, and have a beautiful landscape all by choosing sustainable landscaping, the choice to do so is clear. With the guidance and efforts of a professional landscaper, your preference to have a sustainable landscape can be put into motion.